Ladies... Do you ever leave the salon loving your hair and think to yourself, "How am I going achieve this look at home?" Our stylist Kristin wants to share her favorite salon products, tips and tricks so you'll never have to ask yourself this question again!

Favorite Products

Having good products is key to a professional look at home. There are several products at Opulent Beauty that are Kristin's absolute favorite. But first, knowing the right product for your hair type is key when it comes to achieving that salon look and feel.

For coarse and unruly hair, Smooth Again Wash and Rinse are ideal. This combination helps with frizz and softens the individual hair strands, leaving hair with a smooth finish.

Mention this blog and Kristin to receive 10% off any of these amazing products!  

Mention this blog and Kristin to receive 10% off any of these amazing products!  

For fine and soft hair Kristin recommends Body Mass, because of it's amazing ingredients, it has the ability to strengthen and thicken hair strands while nourishing the hair follicle.

For the wavy hair beauts, Motion Lotion is the perfect product for you! It helps enhance natural texture while taming any frizz.

Favorite Styling Tip

The right styling tools are also a huge help to fabulous hair. Besides the right product, the right styling tools are essential. For the ever so popular beach wave texture, a small curling iron works best! A trick Kristin uses at the salon to achieve those waves is to leave OUT your ends. Straight ends create that desired beach-y look. Also, using at least 1 inch sections of hair in your curling iron is recommend.

Last but not least!

To obtain soft looking hair, make sure to use a product that is lightweight and flexible. Manageable hair is great hair! Any product that may weigh the hair down could make a more difficult time to style your hair.

Stop in any time for a complimentary product consultantation. For any questions on styling tips and tools visit us or let us know your questions the next time you are in our chair! We will be more than happy to walk you through every product and styling technique we use! We want you to leave the salon happy and confident when it comes to recreating your look!

Why your stylist hates drug store products

Do you ever question if the salon products are really worth your hard earned money? Majority of my clients do purchase take home products from me, but those of you who don't, this is for you. My goal in this blog isn't to attack you with what you are doing wrong, but only to educate you on what you could do better for the quality and health of your hair.

Why is it so important to stylists?

Every single person uses shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. As a professional I know that if you are not purchasing product through me, you are getting it elsewhere. When I first attempted to switch my mom from drugstore to salon grade products, she would argue with me that salon grade products did not make her hair "feel the same." That is when I started to dig deeper into what is really enclosed in those deceiving bottles. What I discovered is drug store products could be the main cause of numerous hair concerns.


So what's REALLY in there?

Drug store products are so appealing, affordable, and convenient to the buyer. You think it would be more obvious that something just isn't right... That super soft hair my mom missed from her drug store product was actually a coating from the filler in the product. Over time that created a wax build up on her hair which explains why she always struggled with static and frizz. Your hair will feel hydrated from the outside, but the inner strand of your hair is unnourished. It can even clog your hair follicle and prevent hair growth! Another ingredient is alcohol, which can completely dry out the hair and strip it not only of the natural oils it needs, but strip your fresh fab color, too! If you're curious why your color faded quickly or if you struggle with some of the things listed, you may want to think about what products you're using at home!

Is it worth your money?

If you aren't convinced yet, let's talk prices. Of course salon grade products are more of an investment, but in the long run are you really spending much more? Some drug store products main ingredient is H2o, which shows that the product is extremely diluted vs. highly concentrated salon grade products. Many purchase drug store products monthly or even weekly, while salon grade product purchasers are buying product every few months! How about keeping your color fresh? Clients who use products from me come in with fresh looking color, only needing a touch up vs. non professional product users almost always needing a pull through to brighten their hair up.

In conclusion...

What works best for some people, might not do the same for others. I'm not downing anyone who does use drug store product, just informing you of what you may be doing to your hair. The best advice I can give is to purchase product in a room where salon professionals are present, not on the aisle over from paper towels.

About the Author:    Brooke Bauer is our fastest growing service provider. She has a passion for our industry, and truly cares about the guests that sit in her chair. 

About the Author: 

Brooke Bauer is our fastest growing service provider. She has a passion for our industry, and truly cares about the guests that sit in her chair. 

Things to look for:

- sodium laureth sulfosuccinate

-vitamins and minerals



-vegetable glycerin

-natural ingredients

Things to avoid:

-sodium chloride





We've gone GREEN!



Did you know that currently all aluminum foils and color tubes are not being recycled and are sent to landfills?

Recycling aluminum uses roughly 5% of the energy required to create virgin aluminum from bauxite. Ninety- five percent of all aluminum can be recycled over and over again, including the foils and color tubes that are used in salons across North America. Yet foils used for color are simply being thrown in the trash. 

Did you know hair when placed in garbage bags will mummify, continue to fill our landfill, and give off methane gas?

Did you know that all excess chemicals including color, perm solutions and ammonia get rinsed down the sink into our water stream?

Our new Green circle recycling bins! Hair, paper, metal, plastics, & leftover chemical are all taken!     

Our new Green circle recycling bins! Hair, paper, metal, plastics, & leftover chemical are all taken!  


This is the ugly truth of the industry. We understand the importance of conserving the earth. The salon industry creates so much waste every day, and we've decided to make a change! So we have now partnered with Green Circle Salons to always ensure we recycle 85-95% of our waste created by our salon. Hair, color tubes, all paper, plastics and foils are just some of the 

We have swapped fluorescent lighting in favor of energy efficient LED lighting. Our retail bags are made from recyclable paper and choose to use retail products from KEVIN.MURPHY that have an environmental policy which we, and our customers like. We also offer refills on select KEVIN.MURPHY products if you bring in your empty bottle in order to be as eco-friendly as possible. 

Bring in select Kevin Murphy products to get refilled at the salon and receive 10% off

Bring in select Kevin Murphy products to get refilled at the salon and receive 10% off

Hydrate me, angel, and luxury wages and rinses are all available for refill!  

Hydrate me, angel, and luxury wages and rinses are all available for refill!  

In order to make this Recycling effort possible, we needed to do a slight price increase of just one dollar. We want our clients to know exactly what they are paying for. So instead of increasing services prices, we chose to show this increase as a separate charge. An ECO FEE of $1 is added to every receipt at checkout. Doing this shows our clients how they are individually making a difference and an impact on the environment, which we care so much about! 

Thank you so much for supporting our movement for positive green change!



Tips to a perfect wedding day



When it comes to Wedding Hair and Makeup, Brides want to look and feel glamorous. To ensure a perfect look and a stress free wedding day experience, every stylist recommends a trial run before the big day. This can save you from a disastrous experience.  The wedding hair game has changed, and you want to make sure you find a stylist that is up to date with the current bridal trends. You want to look amazing, current... and not have a bad flash back experience of prom circa 1998. Here are some helpful tips so you can make the most of your bridal trial.


Schedule your hair three months prior to your wedding day.  If you book to early, trends can change and you may become indecisive which can lead to second guessing the style you have chosen. You want to make sure you have all your details together so you end with a complete look that complements the dress and accessories you have chosen.  Three months also gives you enough time to find a new stylist or makeup artist if you decide that the first choice is not the best choice for you or your bridal party.

Try to book the last appointment of the day. Then there is no rush. No other clients will be waiting, and you will have the service providers full,  undivided attention. If at all possible, try not to book on a Saturday. This happens to be the busiest day in most salons. This can also lead to a hectic, rushed through appointment.



Some believe dirty hair is better for updos. This can be true in some cases, but not most. It is very difficult to achieve volume with an oily scalp, not to mention the unclean feeling can really put a damper on your day. It is best to come with clean dry hair that has been prepped with professional products that have been blow dried into the hair. Prepping the hair prior to blow drying will ensure a long lasting style, and will help your hair hold a curl. A good stylist will know how to dirty up your hair with product to make sure your hair is perfect for the style you choose.  If you have fine textured hair, I recommend to get washed and blown out directly before your trial or the day before. Choosing to do it the day before will also aid in fabulous hair for your rehearsal dinner. Most bridal trials do not include a blow dry, so please make sure to book the proper amount of time. Consult with your stylist to see what would be best for your hair type.



Most service providers love pictures... this will give us a perfect visual of exactly what you are looking for.  When trying to explain likes and dislike, I hate to say it, it can get a little confusing. Pictures are full proof! Cut out pictures, make a pinterest board, or surf the internet for images that capture your vision and the look you are going for. Images of things you absolutely despise are very helpful as well.


Visuals of your dress, flowers, brides maid dresses will also help create the perfect look. If you have an idea or theme you are going for please express this as well. Vintage, urban, modern, or certain period looks are very popular.  You really have to imagine what look fits your personality and wedding day vision.

Don't forget the accessories you plan on wearing. This will give us a chance to experiment and see what may work, and what may not. Veils and accessories can be placed in so many ways. Taking photos will help determine which application will look best from all angles and work best for your big day.  



Pick only one person to accompany you to your trial. Chose someone you trust that has similar taste. To many voices can create chaos. Not to mention that too many opinions can become stressful and confusing, causing you to lose sight of what YOU want. When you start going along with what others may want for you, you end up second guessing your final decision. Bring one person, show the other pictures.


If your friend's opinion matters most, plan an evening out the day of your trial. This will put a great style and makeup application to good use... and everyone loves a girl's night especially when you look stunning.  This will also test the longevity of your hair and makeup to make sure it does not fall out after an hour or two of carousing.



It is so hard to imagine a finished look with an unfinished face. If you plan on having your makeup professionally done (which I highly advise), schedule your appointment directly before your hair appointment. You will be staring at yourself for a couple hours, and a little makeup goes a long way. Having hair and makeup completed together will help you envision how amazing you will look on your wedding day.



👑 Adding embellishments and accessories to your formal style... this can really make a statement and enhance your desired look. Birdcages are a great way to create a vintage look. Feathers, jeweled hair pins, & cage barrettes all can make a striking statement.

 👑 Softer looks are the way to go. Stay away from tight crunchy curls that are plastered to your head or that are even left down. brushing curls out to create  soft waves  creates a soft romantic finish.

👑 Be explicit about what you want. Speak up about what you want, especially about what you don't want. Remember this is your day! You will have these pictures for a lifetime, so you want to make sure you LOVE the way you look.

👑 You may want to pay attention the list of products being used so you can buy miniatures for your day of kit.

👑 When booking your wedding day appointment, book a rehearsal dinner blow out. This way your hair looks fabulous for an important event, and your hair is then perfectly prepped for your wedding day updo or style.

Tips to making your blowout last


Being able to stretch your style saves time and money! Want to make the most out of your blowout service? Here are a few tips and tricks to get a long lasting blowout service!

👑 Before your service begins, ask for two shampoos, the first one using a clarifying shampoo that is color safe. This will pull old products and buildup off the hair, leaving a nice clean pallet for an amazing style. 

👑 Use only professional products when styling. Inexpensive drug store product contain inexpensive silicones and waxes which coat and weigh down the hair. Making it impossible for your hair to absorb natural oils, so these oils sit on the strand. This leaves the hair feeling oily and dirty. Professional products may cost more, but if you use less of them, so it truly evens out.

👑 Use a professional dry shampoo before you go to sleep, our favorite is by Kevin Murphy. This will save your hair from the oils produced while you sleep. Leaving your hair bouncy and feeling clean for the morning. 

👑 Put your hair in a top knot before you go to bed and while you sleep, this will keep the volume in the hair.

👑 In the morning, touch your hair up with a curling iron and more dry shampoo! The heat from the curling iron will help disapate the oils on the hair and helps freshen the style. If you prefer a straighter look, we recommend touching your hair up with a blowdryer and round brush. Using a flat iron makes the hair to flat, causing you to lose volume. 

Try these tips after your next visit and let us know what you think! 

Curious about BALAYAGE?

Balayage is the hottest trend in hair at the moment, and to be quite honest it's not going any where. This soft and subtle highlight is so beautiful, but what makes it so amazing is the maintance.... Or should I say lack of. This technique is softer at the root, so there isn't a hard line of demarcation as the hair begins to grow out. What does this mean? Your traditional highlights require a 6-8 week retouch... Balayage is 8-12. 

Hair Models wanted!



Our stylists Maddie & Becky are building their portfolios and are in need of hair models to do so! 

Model appointment times are available on TUESDAY FEBUARY 17th & TUESDAY FEBUARY 24th for 

traditional highlights, balayage, touch ups, haircuts, and keratin treatments. Only a small product fee applies! 

If you are interested in fabulous hair for a fraction if the cost call the salon

708.203.0660Online booking is not available for model days. 

New Arrivals!

We have some fabulous new arrivals at the salon... Check them out! 

Verb Sea Salt Spray $14

Verb Sea Salt Spray $14

One of our new favorite products is VERB sea salt spray. We have been using this like crazy in the salon. This product is so versitle. VERB sea salt spray can be used on either wet or dry hair to create that beachy texture that is trending right now. Simply spray on and scrunch in.  

After playing around and experimenting we also found that this product is great to create the perfect volumous blowout. It adds grit and texture to achive that big bouncy look.

Want to add some curls that will last all day? Spray VERB sea salt spray directly on your blown out hair, and curl right over it! This product has an amazing hold and is great for the ladies with fine limp hair. This product can be used so many ways that it really is something every girl should own.... Especially since it only retails for $14! Ask your stylist to check it out the next time you are in. 

Hair ties by Lilla starts at $18

Hair ties by Lilla starts at $18

Have you seen these studded leather bracelets? Not only can you rock these on your wrist, they double as a hair tie! These Hair ties By Lilla are the perfect way to accessorize and be prepared to throw you hair up... Not to mention they are so cute! 


thick.again $40

thick.again $40

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying the newly launched men's line by KEVIN.MURPHY!  THICK.AGAIN uses a hair strengthening combination of amazing ingredients that strengthen the hair and help prevent hair loss. These breakthrough ingredients sourced from eyelash thickening industry instantly thicken and densify thinning hair and help prevent hair loss. Purchase your bottle of stimulate me wash and rinse and receive a THICK.AGAIN for free during the month of January! 

gel eyeliners $20

gel eyeliners $20

We have new colors available in our Gel pencils! Moody Blue, Tin Roof, and Goldmine are now on the list of this highly pigmented pencils. These liners literally glide on and last ALL day. Want to try for yourself? Stop in and have our makeup artist give you a little demo! 


Matte lipsticks $21

Matte lipsticks $21

These are our new Favorite! Our new matte liquid lipsticks are absolutely to die for! These creamy lip shades glide right on, for a full coverage long lasting wear. They are available in 3 new shades! 

Feel free to stop in or call the salon with any questions regarding these products. Mention this blog and receive 10% off your next purchase of any these products! 

Featured Artist Sheri Cox

We were so excited to have Sheri Cox as our first featured artist. Sheri is a professional make-up artist and has been shaping eyebrows to perfection for over ten years.  She began working in Los Angeles and is now established as the eyebrow expert in downtown Chicago. She is always following the latest make-up trends and uses a range of product lines.  Most of her preferred products are Valerie Beverly Hills cosmetics. Her loyal clientele travels from all over the Chicago land area. Sheri was so kind to come to our salon to share her amazing talent with us so we could successfully use our very own brow bar! 

For more information or to book with Sheri visit her website

Why you should hire a professional...

With wedding season finally here, inquiries for professional hair and makeup services are flooding in.  I love wedding season! There is something so special being able to be apart of someone's wedding day.

This past season, I've gotten a lot of surprising responses. That brides can not afford to pay the higher price for a professional for hair and makeup services. And here's my response... You can't afford not to. Not having your hair and makeup done by someone with the proper experience and training diminishes the quality of your entire day.  Here's why...

👑 Not having a professional ruins the quality of those very expensive photos you paid for. A professional makeup artist knows how to enhance all of your best features, and knows how makeup transforms the face. Makeup photographs so much differently then it actually looks in person. With lots of training and experience, professional makeup artists will ensure that you look perfect and stunning. You will have your wedding photos for the rest of you life, looking your best in them is crucial.

👑 Remember that the image of you and the way you look on your wedding day will forever be captured in your husbands mind forever. He will not remember the cake, flowers, or table settings.

👑 The way you feel is one of the most important part of your wedding day.  Hiring the best hair stylist and makeup artist gives you the confidence and comfort knowing that you will look amazing. Not liking the way you look or how your hair turned out can absolutely ruin your day the moment it starts. Don't sabotage your day!

👑 You want your hair and makeup to last all day... The only way that will happens is with the mind of a professional and professional product. Remember pictures start before the Ceremony and continue throughout the whole evening. You want to look amazing in every single one... Even after dancing your butt off!

Woman are eager and willing to spend most of their budget on shoes, the dress, the center pieces, the cake, but leave none of their budget for one of the most important parts... hair and makeup. Most people won't even remember those things, but everyone will remember you. So my advise.... Budget for your services, its something you won't regret!



Photo shoot at the Chicago Theological Seminary

What an amazing day! I am so honored that I was asked to do the hair and makeup for this amazing shoot. The model Katie Michelle Lundberg was not only gorgeous, she was also kind and all around lovely. The photographer, Lena from Lena Marie photography, was so professional and her images are stunning! The one of a kind gowns came from Miriam Cecilia. The location is breath taking. If you are looking for a unique, affordable wedding or event to host in the city, this is the place! Check out my photos from this fun event!