Why you should hire a professional...

With wedding season finally here, inquiries for professional hair and makeup services are flooding in.  I love wedding season! There is something so special being able to be apart of someone's wedding day.

This past season, I've gotten a lot of surprising responses. That brides can not afford to pay the higher price for a professional for hair and makeup services. And here's my response... You can't afford not to. Not having your hair and makeup done by someone with the proper experience and training diminishes the quality of your entire day.  Here's why...

👑 Not having a professional ruins the quality of those very expensive photos you paid for. A professional makeup artist knows how to enhance all of your best features, and knows how makeup transforms the face. Makeup photographs so much differently then it actually looks in person. With lots of training and experience, professional makeup artists will ensure that you look perfect and stunning. You will have your wedding photos for the rest of you life, looking your best in them is crucial.

👑 Remember that the image of you and the way you look on your wedding day will forever be captured in your husbands mind forever. He will not remember the cake, flowers, or table settings.

👑 The way you feel is one of the most important part of your wedding day.  Hiring the best hair stylist and makeup artist gives you the confidence and comfort knowing that you will look amazing. Not liking the way you look or how your hair turned out can absolutely ruin your day the moment it starts. Don't sabotage your day!

👑 You want your hair and makeup to last all day... The only way that will happens is with the mind of a professional and professional product. Remember pictures start before the Ceremony and continue throughout the whole evening. You want to look amazing in every single one... Even after dancing your butt off!

Woman are eager and willing to spend most of their budget on shoes, the dress, the center pieces, the cake, but leave none of their budget for one of the most important parts... hair and makeup. Most people won't even remember those things, but everyone will remember you. So my advise.... Budget for your services, its something you won't regret!