Tips to making your blowout last


Being able to stretch your style saves time and money! Want to make the most out of your blowout service? Here are a few tips and tricks to get a long lasting blowout service!

👑 Before your service begins, ask for two shampoos, the first one using a clarifying shampoo that is color safe. This will pull old products and buildup off the hair, leaving a nice clean pallet for an amazing style. 

👑 Use only professional products when styling. Inexpensive drug store product contain inexpensive silicones and waxes which coat and weigh down the hair. Making it impossible for your hair to absorb natural oils, so these oils sit on the strand. This leaves the hair feeling oily and dirty. Professional products may cost more, but if you use less of them, so it truly evens out.

👑 Use a professional dry shampoo before you go to sleep, our favorite is by Kevin Murphy. This will save your hair from the oils produced while you sleep. Leaving your hair bouncy and feeling clean for the morning. 

👑 Put your hair in a top knot before you go to bed and while you sleep, this will keep the volume in the hair.

👑 In the morning, touch your hair up with a curling iron and more dry shampoo! The heat from the curling iron will help disapate the oils on the hair and helps freshen the style. If you prefer a straighter look, we recommend touching your hair up with a blowdryer and round brush. Using a flat iron makes the hair to flat, causing you to lose volume. 

Try these tips after your next visit and let us know what you think!