Tips to a perfect wedding day



When it comes to Wedding Hair and Makeup, Brides want to look and feel glamorous. To ensure a perfect look and a stress free wedding day experience, every stylist recommends a trial run before the big day. This can save you from a disastrous experience.  The wedding hair game has changed, and you want to make sure you find a stylist that is up to date with the current bridal trends. You want to look amazing, current... and not have a bad flash back experience of prom circa 1998. Here are some helpful tips so you can make the most of your bridal trial.


Schedule your hair three months prior to your wedding day.  If you book to early, trends can change and you may become indecisive which can lead to second guessing the style you have chosen. You want to make sure you have all your details together so you end with a complete look that complements the dress and accessories you have chosen.  Three months also gives you enough time to find a new stylist or makeup artist if you decide that the first choice is not the best choice for you or your bridal party.

Try to book the last appointment of the day. Then there is no rush. No other clients will be waiting, and you will have the service providers full,  undivided attention. If at all possible, try not to book on a Saturday. This happens to be the busiest day in most salons. This can also lead to a hectic, rushed through appointment.



Some believe dirty hair is better for updos. This can be true in some cases, but not most. It is very difficult to achieve volume with an oily scalp, not to mention the unclean feeling can really put a damper on your day. It is best to come with clean dry hair that has been prepped with professional products that have been blow dried into the hair. Prepping the hair prior to blow drying will ensure a long lasting style, and will help your hair hold a curl. A good stylist will know how to dirty up your hair with product to make sure your hair is perfect for the style you choose.  If you have fine textured hair, I recommend to get washed and blown out directly before your trial or the day before. Choosing to do it the day before will also aid in fabulous hair for your rehearsal dinner. Most bridal trials do not include a blow dry, so please make sure to book the proper amount of time. Consult with your stylist to see what would be best for your hair type.



Most service providers love pictures... this will give us a perfect visual of exactly what you are looking for.  When trying to explain likes and dislike, I hate to say it, it can get a little confusing. Pictures are full proof! Cut out pictures, make a pinterest board, or surf the internet for images that capture your vision and the look you are going for. Images of things you absolutely despise are very helpful as well.


Visuals of your dress, flowers, brides maid dresses will also help create the perfect look. If you have an idea or theme you are going for please express this as well. Vintage, urban, modern, or certain period looks are very popular.  You really have to imagine what look fits your personality and wedding day vision.

Don't forget the accessories you plan on wearing. This will give us a chance to experiment and see what may work, and what may not. Veils and accessories can be placed in so many ways. Taking photos will help determine which application will look best from all angles and work best for your big day.  



Pick only one person to accompany you to your trial. Chose someone you trust that has similar taste. To many voices can create chaos. Not to mention that too many opinions can become stressful and confusing, causing you to lose sight of what YOU want. When you start going along with what others may want for you, you end up second guessing your final decision. Bring one person, show the other pictures.


If your friend's opinion matters most, plan an evening out the day of your trial. This will put a great style and makeup application to good use... and everyone loves a girl's night especially when you look stunning.  This will also test the longevity of your hair and makeup to make sure it does not fall out after an hour or two of carousing.



It is so hard to imagine a finished look with an unfinished face. If you plan on having your makeup professionally done (which I highly advise), schedule your appointment directly before your hair appointment. You will be staring at yourself for a couple hours, and a little makeup goes a long way. Having hair and makeup completed together will help you envision how amazing you will look on your wedding day.



👑 Adding embellishments and accessories to your formal style... this can really make a statement and enhance your desired look. Birdcages are a great way to create a vintage look. Feathers, jeweled hair pins, & cage barrettes all can make a striking statement.

 👑 Softer looks are the way to go. Stay away from tight crunchy curls that are plastered to your head or that are even left down. brushing curls out to create  soft waves  creates a soft romantic finish.

👑 Be explicit about what you want. Speak up about what you want, especially about what you don't want. Remember this is your day! You will have these pictures for a lifetime, so you want to make sure you LOVE the way you look.

👑 You may want to pay attention the list of products being used so you can buy miniatures for your day of kit.

👑 When booking your wedding day appointment, book a rehearsal dinner blow out. This way your hair looks fabulous for an important event, and your hair is then perfectly prepped for your wedding day updo or style.