Ladies... Do you ever leave the salon loving your hair and think to yourself, "How am I going achieve this look at home?" Our stylist Kristin wants to share her favorite salon products, tips and tricks so you'll never have to ask yourself this question again!

Favorite Products

Having good products is key to a professional look at home. There are several products at Opulent Beauty that are Kristin's absolute favorite. But first, knowing the right product for your hair type is key when it comes to achieving that salon look and feel.

For coarse and unruly hair, Smooth Again Wash and Rinse are ideal. This combination helps with frizz and softens the individual hair strands, leaving hair with a smooth finish.

Mention this blog and Kristin to receive 10% off any of these amazing products!  

Mention this blog and Kristin to receive 10% off any of these amazing products!  

For fine and soft hair Kristin recommends Body Mass, because of it's amazing ingredients, it has the ability to strengthen and thicken hair strands while nourishing the hair follicle.

For the wavy hair beauts, Motion Lotion is the perfect product for you! It helps enhance natural texture while taming any frizz.

Favorite Styling Tip

The right styling tools are also a huge help to fabulous hair. Besides the right product, the right styling tools are essential. For the ever so popular beach wave texture, a small curling iron works best! A trick Kristin uses at the salon to achieve those waves is to leave OUT your ends. Straight ends create that desired beach-y look. Also, using at least 1 inch sections of hair in your curling iron is recommend.

Last but not least!

To obtain soft looking hair, make sure to use a product that is lightweight and flexible. Manageable hair is great hair! Any product that may weigh the hair down could make a more difficult time to style your hair.

Stop in any time for a complimentary product consultantation. For any questions on styling tips and tools visit us or let us know your questions the next time you are in our chair! We will be more than happy to walk you through every product and styling technique we use! We want you to leave the salon happy and confident when it comes to recreating your look!