Why your stylist hates drug store products

Do you ever question if the salon products are really worth your hard earned money? Majority of my clients do purchase take home products from me, but those of you who don't, this is for you. My goal in this blog isn't to attack you with what you are doing wrong, but only to educate you on what you could do better for the quality and health of your hair.

Why is it so important to stylists?

Every single person uses shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. As a professional I know that if you are not purchasing product through me, you are getting it elsewhere. When I first attempted to switch my mom from drugstore to salon grade products, she would argue with me that salon grade products did not make her hair "feel the same." That is when I started to dig deeper into what is really enclosed in those deceiving bottles. What I discovered is drug store products could be the main cause of numerous hair concerns.


So what's REALLY in there?

Drug store products are so appealing, affordable, and convenient to the buyer. You think it would be more obvious that something just isn't right... That super soft hair my mom missed from her drug store product was actually a coating from the filler in the product. Over time that created a wax build up on her hair which explains why she always struggled with static and frizz. Your hair will feel hydrated from the outside, but the inner strand of your hair is unnourished. It can even clog your hair follicle and prevent hair growth! Another ingredient is alcohol, which can completely dry out the hair and strip it not only of the natural oils it needs, but strip your fresh fab color, too! If you're curious why your color faded quickly or if you struggle with some of the things listed, you may want to think about what products you're using at home!

Is it worth your money?

If you aren't convinced yet, let's talk prices. Of course salon grade products are more of an investment, but in the long run are you really spending much more? Some drug store products main ingredient is H2o, which shows that the product is extremely diluted vs. highly concentrated salon grade products. Many purchase drug store products monthly or even weekly, while salon grade product purchasers are buying product every few months! How about keeping your color fresh? Clients who use products from me come in with fresh looking color, only needing a touch up vs. non professional product users almost always needing a pull through to brighten their hair up.

In conclusion...

What works best for some people, might not do the same for others. I'm not downing anyone who does use drug store product, just informing you of what you may be doing to your hair. The best advice I can give is to purchase product in a room where salon professionals are present, not on the aisle over from paper towels.

About the Author:    Brooke Bauer is our fastest growing service provider. She has a passion for our industry, and truly cares about the guests that sit in her chair. 

About the Author: 

Brooke Bauer is our fastest growing service provider. She has a passion for our industry, and truly cares about the guests that sit in her chair. 

Things to look for:

- sodium laureth sulfosuccinate

-vitamins and minerals



-vegetable glycerin

-natural ingredients

Things to avoid:

-sodium chloride





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