Grace Hand Tied Extension Class / 2 day course Nov 17th & 18th


Grace Hand Tied Extension Class / 2 day course Nov 17th & 18th


Nov 17th & 18th

Sun 10am-4pm

Mon 10am-4pm

Spots are limited! If you are interested in learning this amazing method be sure to promptly purchase your ticket. This class will also be facilitated by Patricia Cerniuk who is now a certified trainer of the Grace Hand Tied method! Class is non refundable

Why our method-

-Thread gap technique that gives space in between the scalp and the bead. This results in less tension and more mobility with the weft.

- our method results in less tension, but actually lasts a full 8 weeks with no slipping or sliding.

Because there is less tension clients repeatedly say their wear is more comfortable and less itchy. We have seen less scalp damage and breakage compared to other companies.

- our new invisible bead method is great for blondes & women with fine hair and woman who have issues with beads popping out.

-larger horizontal sections which result in an easier maintenance for the client, more weight support for your wefts, and a more invisible wear for the client since our sectioning sits under the weft.

Our wear is 8 weeks. Class includes method application, color, cutting demo, marketing, social media ideas and content. Access to our fb group, training website, live trainings, interactive PDF, and support during the week of the class.

Our virtual class is all done online in our private group. The training videos stay up in the group for 1 week after the class. They get taken down before the next class starts. We don’t want people jumping ahead to watch the videos when they are added to the group. This way we get full participation. You always have access to the group which we continually add free content to and all our certified stylists stay in this group. When the next virtual class is in session you have the option to re attend the next round if you’d like! We recommend this because we are always adding new content.

If you purchase our virtual class you also have 1 year to attend one of our hands on classes for $500 instead of the full tuition rate of $1400. If you feel like you need more hand on training this is a great option.

We also have a training website that you have access to for 30 days after your class. The interactive pdf is yours to use forever which contains clickable links to videos as well.

For this round we are also bringing in guest speakers who are sharing knowledge on their strong points via live that are amazing at what they do.

There’s a lot of content!

The investment of the class is $950 and it’s the week of October 7th. All videos are saved in the group so you can replay the whole week when it works for your schedule.

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This 2 day course includes everything you need to know with offering a hand tied extensions class. Custom coloring, application, cutting, styling, removal, marketing, and the mindset you need to have to offer this service are all included. We will also go over any business tools you need with this service including applications, the consultation process, contracts, deposits, and client boundaries. Our favorite marketing tools and websites. Kit is included. Lunch is provided both days.

Included in this class:

Interactive PDF which includes support videos for our method along with marketing support

Access to our training website

Access to our private facebook group. This class will be live streamed so you can revisit the entire class

extension Class: Day 1

10:00-10:20: Discussing who we are and why we came up with this method

10:20- 10:45: Explain coloring technique

10:45- 11:15: Hands on coloring

11:15-12:15: Marketing the extensions

12:15-1:00: LUNCH BREAK

(12:45-1:00: Q&A)

1:00-1:45: Explaining Extension method

1:45-3:30: Creating track and sectioning

3:30-4:00: Mindset and Q&A

Extension Class: Day 2

10:00-10:10: Q&A

10:10-11:15: Sewing and stitching (Clipping etc.)

11:15-12:30: Cutting and styling (Plus practicing stitching etc)

12:30-1:15 Lunch

(Q&A 1:00-1:15)

1:15-2:00: Removal

2:00-3:00: Trouble shooting/ Explaining maintenance to clients/ Client information

3:00-3:30: Marketing

3:30-4:00: Mindset and Q&A

Kit Includes:

Kit Box, clips, pliers, removal tool, needles, thread, & beads

Interactive PDF with training videos

Please Bring:

Manikin, manikin tripod, razor with new razors, jaw clips, foiling comb, & cutting comb